Why Tourism?

quality-of-visitor-exp-icon-200x160The Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau promotes Sedona to travelers from around the world with cost-effective strategies that help make Sedona the best place to live, work, play and visit.

With more than 65 years at the helm of Sedona’s largest industry, the SCC&TB is a nationally-known and certified Destination Management & Marketing Organization (DMMO).

Did you know:

  • Tourism generates 2/3 of the City sales tax that funds most community services?  Tourism keeps local taxes low.
  • Tourism is the reason we enjoy the excellent restaurants, world-class cultural spaces and nationally-known lodging found in Sedona?
  • The Tourism Bureau is funded by a tax on hotel guests, meaning Sedona residents pay nothing for the Bureau’s promotion efforts?
  • The Tourism Bureau budget is less than the national median DMMO budget and operates with fewer employees? Cities such as Mesa and Tempe spend more on promotion than Sedona!
  • The City Council and the SCC&TB are creating a Sustainable Tourism Plan emphasizing the environment,  traffic mitigation, managing the visitor experience and preserving our quality of life?

Tourism is a dynamic and ever-changing part of the Sedona landscape. This site will help you learn more.  We hope you will enjoy browsing, and please let us know if you have questions or comments by emailing board@sedonachamber.com!

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quality-of-life-icon-200x160What We Do

Balancing promotion and marketing with preservation and quality of life

icon_preservingtheenvironment-200x160Tourism’s Community Impact

Lower taxes, amazing amenities & good jobs also bring traffic & environmental challenges


A partnership with the community and the Sedona City Council

How We Compare

Sedona spends less than the median DMO and does it with a smaller staff

economy-iconChamber & Tourism Bureau Budget

Neither the Chamber nor the tourism budget come from Sedona taxpayers. Find out how it works


From a community-based Sustainable Tourism Plan to investments that preserve Sedona’s quality of life

icon_qualityoflife-200x160Sustainable Tourism Plan

A first-ever strategy for managing tourism to benefit all Sedonans


How is the Tourism Bureau funded? How do we measure success? Get answers!