Hosting a Mixer

Do you want to showcase your business to the community while providing an enjoyable space for people to get together? If so, a mixer may be the way to do it! The benefits to hosting a mixer is to give your business exposure and publicity while also creating an environment for other members to network and connect in an informal way. Please read below for more information.

Chamber Provides

  • Promotion of the event through the chamber’s social media, website, and e-newsletters sent out every Monday and Friday.
  • Raffle prizes
  • PA system for announcements if one is not available
  • Check-in table if the host does not have one

Host Requirements

  • The Mixer Host must be a Sedona Chamber of Commerce member
  • Provide dedicated space to accommodate at least 50 people and up to 150 people
  • Food must be provided and drinks available for purchase
  • If not at a restaurant/bar and hosting a happy hour mixer, the host must obtain a liquor license (click here for application)
  • If the venue does not have a kitchen, catering is required (preferably from another chamber member)
  • Adequate parking or arrange for shuttle/trolley service from a centralized location
  • Mixers may be co-hosted with another Chamber member to share responsibilities

Optional Ideas

  • Live music
  • Make it a themed event
  • Offer an incentive (discount on services, two for one, etc.) for attendees to come back and buy your service or product.
  • Create a flyer or send emails! While the chamber does actively promote your event, promoting it to your friends, colleagues, and other members goes a long way in spreading the word and boosting attendance.

Mixer Schedule

Mixers will fall on the third Wednesday of the month from 5 – 6:30 p.m.

If you have a smaller space and want to hold a mixer, you can host a smaller event if it can hold up to 50 people with enough space to park.

Please contact Shanandoah Sterling at for additional questions.

Click here to fill out our Mixer Request Form