What We Do

Tourism Management:  What We Do

With Sedona roots that go back generations, the nearly 1,000 business owners that make up the Chamber and Tourism Bureau live, work and play right here, sharing school activities, hiking trails and worship services with you and your family.

Our tourism management is evolving to include stewardship for the environment and preserving our community character.  Some of what we do:

  • Balance economic growth with Sedona’s unique quality of life
  • Help visitors respect our environment and character while supporting our local economy
  • Operate the Visitors Center to orient and to educate visitors to lessen impacts on the environment and travel responsibly
  • Plan, adapt, and listen to the community so that tourism benefits everyone
  • Implement ‘best practices ‘ in sustainable tourism management from around the world
  • Initiate and support programs that preserve Sedona’s natural environment

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