Tourism’s Community Impact

As our largest industry, tourism drives our economy and affects Sedona’s environment and quality of life.  Here are just a few of the many important, measurable, noticeable community impacts:

  • The tourism industry produces restaurants, galleries, cultural venues and high-end lodging which otherwise would not be found in a city our size.
  • Tourism is Sedona’s largest industry by far, supporting 10,000 jobs and producing an economic impact of $600 million annually.
  • Sedona’s visitors generate more than 2/3 of City sales tax revenue. Last year, tourism taxes contributed $13.5 million to the City General Fund which pays for police, streets, parks and other basics.  If the amount was distributed evenly among Sedona’s 5,125 households, the tax bill would come to $2,630 each!
  • Increased tourism has created traffic congestion. Sedona in Motion transportation improvements will help. The SCC&TB is leading discussions on additional transportation strategies.
  • Thanks to taxes collected from visitors, Sedonans enjoy a low level of taxes, including NO city property tax.
  • More visitors can have an impact on our environment and quality of life.  The Sustainable Tourism Plan and Chamber preservation initiatives will help guide and educate visitors and mitigate impacts.


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