Straw Free Sedona Partners

From Arizona Highways: One of Arizona’s best-known destinations is seeking to encourage its restaurants to discontinue offering plastic straws to patrons.

The campaign invites businesses in the Red Rock Country city to pledge to stop providing single-use plastic straws, and to provide only paper straws if requested by customers.

The Chamber says the campaign comes in response to alarming statistics about how much plastic makes its way into the world’s oceans. The public has become increasingly informed about the detrimental effects that single-use plastics have on the environment. The Sedona Chamber of Commerce and other organizers of Straw Free Sedona are proud to be acting for a more sustainable future. This campaign is a step toward making Sedona “the most sustainable destination in the USA.”

Organizers noted that some customers, particularly children and people with disabilities, may require straws. They said those patrons should be offered paper straws, which are a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Read here for more information on how your business can participate.

Cheers to a more sustainable Sedona!


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