Sustainable Tourism Plan

Sustainable Tourism means placing Sedona’s quality of life, natural environment and unique character at the heart of the visitor experience.  For visitors, it means having only a positive impact – supporting the local economy and respecting local culture and expectations.

The City and the SCC&TB have teamed with Nichols Tourism Group and the ASU School of Sustainability to create Sedona’s first Sustainable Tourism Plan.

  • A Sustainable Tourism Plan will provide strategies for guiding and educating visitors to mitigate impacts
  • Technology and transportation options for dispersing foot and vehicle traffic are among sustainable tourism  strategies
  • ASU is gathering input from residents and businesses via focus groups and mailed surveys
  • In September, a facilitated community discussion called  a Visioning Session will gather ideas and review what researchers have learned
  • A community email address will be set up following the Session so anyone unable to attend can still comment
  • The Sustainability Plan is on track to be competed in early 2019


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