How We Compare

A Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO) markets and promotes a destination while facilitating understanding of the full social & economic dimension of tourism.

  • Tourism is funded by a City bed tax paid by visitors, NOT Sedona residents
    • 93% of DMMOs receive public funding
    • 73% are funded by local bed taxes


  • Sedona’s bed tax rate is 3.5%
    • The median bed tax rate in DMMO communities is 13%
  • The FY19 budget of $2.17 million compares favorably to other communities
    • The median DMMO budget is $3.28 million
    • Sedona tourism budget is less than Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix
    • Our budget is about the same as lesser- known destination such as Kalamazoo,  MI Alpharetta, GA
  • The Sedona Tourism Bureau receives 55% of bed tax revenue
    • Other communities designate a higher percentage
    • Cottonwood earmarks 70% for tourism promotion; Tombstone, allocates 100%
  • 12 full-time staff members work for the SCC&TB
    • Median number of DMMO employees is 15


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