Chamber Ambassadors

Sedona Chamber Ambassadors are goodwill representatives that provide outreach efforts to the members. We are an important member-to-member link offering welcome services to new members, helping introduce new members to the many programs and initiatives the Chamber offers ensuring their best use, and helping new members to meet others during our monthly Mixers. We also assist in the recruitment of new members through our familiarity with the community. We bring member concerns back to Chamber staff and help members to receive the maximum benefit from their Chamber membership.

As Ambassadors, we:

  • Attend the monthly Mixers
  • Visit each month’s new members to offer welcome services

As Chamber Ambassadors, we invite you to join us.

Susan Obijiski

Ramsey's Rocks and Minerals


Susan and her husband own Ramsey's Rocks and Minerals in Sedona. Susan is a novelist, business consultant, Board Certified Medical Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Crystal and Stone Therapy Practitioner and Teacher. She has more than 30 yrs. experience in medicine, and metaphysical, and energy healing. She teaches monthly workshops at Ramsey's. As a business manager, Susan worked for large and small corporations in software development, product development, quality management and other disciplines. She writes and manages six blogs and writes technical content for two software companies. She wrote and published a three-book series of metaphysical entitled 'Legacy of Dreams', and she is a contributing author for 'Sedona Awakenings'.