Chamber to Fight for Sedona’s Issues


January 4, 2019


Winter SnowJanuary got here before we knew it! The next Community Pulse event is Tuesday, and the 2019 state legislature convenes in just ten days.

The Chamber is already advocating for Sedona at the Capitol. Recently the Sedona Chamber Board joined Chambers of Commerce around the state in supporting legislative priorities affecting Sedona and the economic, social and environmental health of Arizona.

This year’s priorities, assembled by the Arizona Association of Chamber Executives, include the following:

• Advocate for new funding and accountability measures for K-12 education and public higher education.

• Advocate for health care legislation that works for all. We support removing mandates on small business while protecting low-income and vulnerable residents. We oppose shifting expenses to the state or small businesses.

• Support requiring the federal government to work with local governments who wish to use non-federal dollars to reopen and temporarily operate parks, forests and other public lands during a government shutdown. As you probably know, the highly-visited Red Rock Ranger Station is among many Northern Arizona facilities affected by the shutdown that began in December.

• Oppose so-called ‘sweeps’ from dedicated transportation funds such as the Highway User Revenue Fund. Diverting this money for other purposes is unfair and will delay critical projects. Our two main roads are state highways – we need to oppose raids on transportation funding sources.

• Support ‘conforming’ the state income tax code to the federal tax code by January 31 so Arizonans can file a simplified state return based on their adjusted federal gross income.

• Support branding Arizona as a destination for tourism and business relocation or expansion.

• Increase funding for tourism promotion via the Arizona Office of Tourism. Many Arizona communities can benefit from a heightened awareness of their potential interest to visitors.

• Strengthen Arizona’s economy by encouraging more public-private partnerships, which improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of public services. Sedona’s partnership with the Chamber for tourism management is an excellent example.

• Support state and federal action to protect Arizona’s water supply for sustainable economic development.

• Oppose government intrusion into private workplace management.

• Advocate for a competitive regulatory environment that provides certainty for business without being burdensome.

• Support legislation that protects businesses from frivolous lawsuits.

• Oppose efforts to legalize recreational marijuana.

• Protect the business community’s ability to engage in political speech.

You can see the complete list HERE.

Sedona may be a small boat on the sea of state and federal politics, but our economy and environment are directly affected by elected officials and government agencies in Phoenix and Washington. We believe it is our civic duty to advocate for Sedona on issues such as those above and to unite with Chambers around the state to maximize our impact.

It’s a crucial part of our mission to help make Sedona the best place to live, work, play and visit.

–Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO