2019 ACE Legislative Agenda

Sedona arial viewState Issues


• Advocate for new and increased financial resources with accountability measures for K-12 education and public higher education programs to ensure Arizona has the qualified workforce it needs in the 21st Century.

• Support a modernization and simplification of the state’s K-12 funding system, with an emphasis on encouraging the replication of high performing educational models, especially those in low-income areas and rural areas.

• Support funding and policies that ensure Arizona students and job creators have robust career and workforce pipeline options.

Transportation and Infrastructure

• Oppose sweeps from the Highway User Revenue Fund, the State Lake Improvement Fund, the Aviation Fund, the lottery and other dedicated transportation funds into the general fund.

• Support infrastructure projects that maximize job creation and investment in Arizona’s statewide interstate system and ports of entry.

• Support statewide and regional transportation solutions to address transportation funding challenges that focus on a “user pays” model that incorporates long-term, forward-thinking and sustainable funding streams.

• Advocate for legislation, regulation and policies that recognize the electric power grid and all other natural resources and utility infrastructure delivery systems as assets requiring consistent maintenance, improvement and support through investments by all users.


• Support tax, fee and fiscal policies that will attract new investments and bring jobs to Arizona.

• Support a reduction in business property taxes to help spur investment.

• Work with interested parties to come up with continued reforms to Arizona’s public pension systems to reduce unfunded liabilities.

• Conform to federal income tax changes by January 31st of each year.

• Support a statutory clarification regarding the taxation of digital goods and services to provide taxpayer clarity and certainty.

Legal & Regulatory Affairs

• Oppose government intrusion into private workplace management.

• Maintain a competitive regulatory environment that provides timeliness and certainty for businesses without unduly burdensome regulations on business owners.

• Support legislation that protects businesses from frivolous lawsuits.

• Support Arizona’s national image through sound legislation including modernizing policies to recognize Arizona’s diverse community and population.

• Continue to advocate for a fair and transparent initiative process that reflects the will of all Arizonans while respecting the constitutional authority and duties of the Legislature.

• Oppose efforts to legalize recreational marijuana.

• Protect the business community’s ability to engage in political speech.

Economic Prosperity

• Support efforts to brand Arizona as a favorable environment for tourism, business location, expansion, and job creation, including film and multimedia production.

• Strengthen Arizona’s economy by encouraging increased public-private partnerships.

• Increase the current funding level for tourism promotion via the Arizona Office of Tourism.

• Advocate for policies that encourage economic development throughout all of Arizona.

Federal Issues


• Oppose regulatory efforts by the federal government that disparately and disproportionately impact Arizona, while supporting efforts to streamline regulations and ensure that Arizona’s distinctive characteristics are reflected.

• Preserve a business owner’s ability to manage their workplace and workforce without expanded federal intrusion.

• Advocate for the finalization of the federal tax code by November 30 of that tax year.

• Promote policies that support trade that protect Arizona’s competitive interests.

• Advocate for health care legislation that removes mandates on small business, provides stability and certainty for the individual insurance marketplace and hospital systems, protects the low-income and vulnerable, and does not cost shift expenses to the state or businesses.

Military Assets

• Work with Arizona’s congressional delegation and business community to promote Arizona’s military installations and emphasize the ability of these installations to take on new missions and expand economic development.

Natural Resources

• Support legislation that would require the federal government to enter an agreement with the state or any municipality that offers non-federal funds to reopen and temporarily operate public lands including national parks, national monuments and national recreation areas during a government shutdown.

• Support comprehensive state and federal solutions that protect Arizona’s present and future water supply for sustained economic development for all affected industries.

• Support the Northern Arizona Forest Fund (NAFF) and National Forest Foundation (NFF) to help protect the state’s forests and water supply through programs designed to improve forest health and water quality in the Salt and Verde River watersheds.

• Support allocating a percentage of funds currently marked for suppression of forest fires to prevention of forest fires.

• Oppose efforts to designate land as national monuments.

• Support policies that ensure the Colorado River remains accessible for recreational watercraft.


• Continue to support comprehensive federal immigration reform that encourages economic growth.

• Support a dialogue with the Mexican government to expand and modernize U.S.- Mexico ports of entry.


• Support a federal taxation system that is globally competitive, fair, consistent, easily administered and equitable.

Local Issues

Wage Policies

• Work together to oppose efforts at a local level to institute any mandatory equal wage laws or citywide minimum wage and workplace benefit policies above the state-mandated minimums.

• Support efforts to repeal wage and benefit laws that are higher than the state minimums.

Publicly Funded Elections

• Oppose any efforts by cities or towns to establish a publicly funded elections system for local elections.

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