New Year, New Priorities


December 28, 2018


annoucement-1-flowers-bkgrndIn this last column of 2018, it’s time to look ahead at our 2019 priorities, our wishes for Sedona in the new year, and to take stock of what’s in our ‘gratitude’ cupboard.

In 2019, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau priorities include:
Unveiling the first Sustainable Tourism Plan: More than a year in the making with input from hundreds of residents, businesses and visitors, the Plan will introduce balanced tourism management strategies to mitigate traffic, protect our environment, honor our small-town character while keeping businesses thriving, services first-rate, and unemployment and local taxes low.
Improve the Visitor Experience, starting with our Visitor Center: Our volunteers welcomed more than 283,000 walk-in visitors last year at the Official Visitor Center located at 331 Forest Road in Uptown. We are eager to expand volunteer training efforts, geared towards conveying the ‘leave no trace’ and ‘pack it in, pack it out’ messaging when visiting Sedona.
A fantastic RunSedona Event on February 2: This unique Sedona event only happens with the help of hundreds of civic-minded volunteers. I know Sedona will warmly welcome athletes from around the world for the 5K, 10K and half-marathon races. Registration is open to anyone at Start training now! As we love to say, “If the scenery doesn’t take your breath away, the hills will!”

This year, I am grateful that:
• Important issues were settled at the polls this year, setting a clear direction on tourism, city leadership and fiscal management. The result is a more united community working together to improve Sedona in 2019.
• Our team of professional staff and our Board of Directors are so talented, committed and caring!
• Hundreds of Sedona businesses and non-profit organizations give so much back to the community – they are a daily source of inspiration.
• I have the opportunity to live in Sedona, love my job, and see first-hand the exciting changes making Sedona better.

For Sedona in 2019, my wishes include:
• That the City Council’s newest members continue to invigorate policy discussions with fresh perspectives.
• That our open-to-the-public Community Pulse event January 8 stirs enthusiasm for 2019. Details in the sidebar.
• That the March 31 implementation the Land Development Code is smooth, clean, noise-free and harmonious.
• That one year from now we have accomplished major traffic and tourism management goals — and that we are united and optimistic about 2020 bringing even more balance to our community.

Finally, I hope you take time to appreciate your family and your friends who have become family this holiday season and hug them just a little tighter. Life is precious, fragile and all too brief – let’s remember what’s truly important!

Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO