Momo’s Kitchen is now a Certified Sustainable Business at the Conservationist/Bronze level

momos-kitchenAs the first mobile food vendor in Sedona, Momo’s Kitchen owners Momo Kim and Jerry Jang are trailblazers, making it possible for more food trucks and trailers to follow. The City of Sedona’s codes had no provision for this type of business. Molly Spangler and others at the city had to be creative in helping Momo’s Kitchen fit into existing codes so they could open in April 2018. “It was an adventure for all of us,” says Edwin Kim, Momo’s nephew.

Momo’s Kitchen is part of a growing trend across the state. In May 2018 Governor Ducey signed a bill allowing food trucks to operate with greater freedom across Arizona. Legislators worked with the Institute for Justice to construct a bill based on “Food Truck Freedom,” a study of best practices in regulating mobile vending.

The IJ report estimates the cost to start a food truck can be less than the cost to launch a traditional restaurant. By taking advantage of the lower start-up costs, food trucks are able to offer inexpensive, diverse, and innovative foods to customers.

Momo’s food trailer was built to order so all the appliances are energy efficient. They use green cleaning products and are phasing out plastic water bottles, encouraging customers to bring and refill their own reusable travel mugs. Because there is only a 50 gallon water tank for cleaning and a few jugs of potable water for cooking, they are very careful to conserve water.

Food is served in compostable containers made from sugar cane, or customers may bring their own clean bowls. Since the Health Department requires all food trucks to use a professional commissary, Momo’s Kitchen accesses facilities at ECO Learning Center in Cottonwood to prepare food and compost scraps.

They give back to the community, donating coupons to Sedona Area Homeless Alliance raffle and food to charity events. They also offer discounts to locals and military.

You can find Momo’s Korean-themed food trailer Sacajawea Plaza in Uptown Sedona, and at many local events such as the Sedona Food Truck Festival, Sedona Arts Festival, and Red Rocks Oktoberfest.  See who else is certified.

Darcy Hitchcock, Sustainability Alliance, 928-554-5171