Message from Jennifer Wesselhoff Re: Chamber Employee Positive COVID-19 Test

On June 25, 2020, I was advised that a Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau employee tested positive for COVID 19 after traveling to a family event in Phoenix. As a result, I have temporarily closed our Visitor Center at 331 Forest Road and our Administration Building at 45 Sunset Drive for a thorough cleaning. I have also directed staff and volunteers who had contact with this employee to seek testing through their health care provider.

This particular staff member works mainly at the Visitor Center but did not have contact with any visitors between their exposure in Phoenix on June 13 and their self-quarantine on June 19. This is possible because this person is on the administrative team which generally does not deal directly with visitors.

Since reopening with safety protocols in place on May 18, the Visitor Center operates with tables staffed by volunteers at our two entrances. Visitors do not enter the building and do not generally encounter administrative staff, and vice versa. The volunteers working the tables are masked, wear gloves and practice social distancing at all times.

From June 15 through June 19, our staff member had direct contact with a total of 13 Visitor Center workers: four staff and nine volunteers. The volunteers, as stated above, were masked, gloved and practiced social distancing. As a precaution, I have advised all staff and volunteers who had contact with this employee to contact their provider for testing.

There are a few points which need emphasis at this time when emotions are running high and people are feeling stressed.

> Our staff member’s infection was NOT the result of a visitor from Phoenix coming to Sedona. It resulted in interacting with family members in Phoenix.

> The Visitor Center and the people who stop by, work or volunteer there had no role at all in the employee’s positive COVID-19 result.

I look forward  to our staff member’s quick recovery and to reopening our Visitor Center as soon as it is practical and safe to do so. In the meantime, our Visitor Center will continue to offer services by phone, email and live chat at

Thank you,
Jennifer Wesselhoff
June 25, 2020