Are you Sedona | Safe.Clean.Ready?



June 26, 2020

page-headerAre you Sedona | Safe.Clean.Ready?  Be sure to use your face covering when out in public, practice social distancing and do your part to keep Sedona’s Covid-19 numbers low.  As part of Sedona | Safe.Clean.Ready and to help deliver a strong message on face coverings, we are now providing free masks to visitors at the Visitor Center.

Businesses are supportive. A recent Chamber survey shows 64% of members agree all businesses should use face coverings, and 60% agree everyone in Sedona should be required to wear masks when entering a private business.

The increase in COVID-19 cases in the Valley has led to a decision to pause the City/Chamber plan for summer advertising.  In our Recovery Plan, the City Council and the Chamber put safety first while remaining adaptable as the situation changes. Clearly, now is not the time for Phoenix advertising.

Right now, our hometown businesses are adjusting to the lightning-fast changes state leadership throws our way.  They and their workers are resilient and determined.  I hear every day of their gratitude for your support. Please remember that thousands of Sedonans and jobs depend on your patronage, now more than ever.

The Chamber and the City have already helped hundreds of merchants adopt safe operating standards, and we quickly communicate the latest directives to our partners and the public. All businesses can see updates and business guidance at

Recommended  behaviors for residents and visitors are advertised on posters in hundreds of stores participating in Sedona | Safe.Clean.Ready and on City A-frames and roadway signs. Find out more at

Governor Ducey has repeatedly stated what each of us – business owner, resident, visitor – should do: face-coverings, physical distancing, frequent hand washing and staying home when sick. These steps are the biggest difference-makers in helping keep Sedona cases low.

As a well-known destination, we attract visitors looking for a quick getaway, especially from the Valley.  Many are here for the day, particularly on weekends. The travel industry calls them “early adopters,” people willing to be among the first to take brief day trips.  To reach these early adopters, our strong message about safe behavior is needed now more than ever.

Uncertain times create emotional reactions. I am sure we have all felt that way at some point.  Recently, the Chamber and the City have heard from people who believe “outsiders” failing to practice safe behavior is Sedona’s most significant public safety issue. Undoubtedly, irresponsible behavior poses a danger, which is why safety messages and requirements are so important.  I hope we will be slow to assume anyone without a mask or walking in a group is an “outsider” as opposed to a fellow Sedonan or someone from a nearby community. Everyone falls short occasionally.

As awareness and safety requirements grow, I believe most people will practice safe behavior in public. Let’s be sure each of us, our families, colleagues and friends, support best practices in our personal lives and remain united and optimistic in our battle against this insidious virus.

As the Governor said last week, we are in a marathon, not a sprint.

                                                      –Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO