Makeover of a Lifetime Winner

April 26, 2021

Body Bliss™ Intentional Aromatherapy®, a manufacturing and sales company, is selected as the next Makeover of a Lifetime winner with the Yavapai College SBDC, Small Business Makeover Program.

_mg_05651Body Bliss™ owners Pamela Sculthorp and Jennifer Rivera were surprised last week by members of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) team and other economic development leaders with the news of their business’ selection as the next Makeover of a Lifetime winner.

Founded in 1999, Body Bliss™ is a Cottonwood, Arizona based manufacturing company of body products, mixing natural and mostly organic raw materials and essential oils. They have sales channels across the country. Originally founded to support the well-being of therapists and body workers, Body Bliss™ products are made using the most natural ingredients, free of artificial fragrances and free of dispersing massage oils. Because of the sustainable, botanical raw materials in each product recipe, Body Bliss™ is embraced by wellness-oriented spa professionals from coast to coast.

Pam purchased the business in 2016. Jennifer first joined the Body Bliss™ team as an employee in 2017, and in 2020 became a partner and co-owner. Led by this driven pair, Body Bliss™ now employs 14 team members at the manufacturing facility in Cottonwood and 6 team members at their retail location in the heart of uptown Sedona, Arizona.

“We seek out boutique growers and small collectives of farmers who produce fine, organic and ethically wild-harvested essential oils,” said Pam Sculthorp, co-owner and CEO of Body Bliss™. “It is so important to us to make products that are clean, safe and beneficial to any consumer and to body workers in particular who need to be healthy to support other people’s health.”

With intention, Pam and Jennifer formulate and curate high quality, natural products to both delight the senses and to offer tangible therapeutic benefits.  Body Bliss™ products are made with no paraben preservatives, no sulfates, no phthalates, no artificial colors or fragrances.  Also, products and raw materials are not tested on animals.

“We are thrilled that Pam and Jennifer took the time to apply for the Small Business Makeover Program,” said Center Director Jeri Denniston. “After several lengthy discussions and a tour of their facility, we have prioritized several areas of their business and look forward to working with them on strategy, marketing, and process efficiency,” she continued. “They have a strong company already, and we look forward to providing support and resources to move them to the next level of success.”

Upon hearing the news that their business had been selected as the next Makeover of a Lifetime Winner, Jennifer asked “What does that mean?” to which Pam replied, “I think it means more work!”

You can learn more about Body Bliss™, their products, their story, and how to make a purchase from their website,

Funded in part with CARES Act funding, the Small Business Makeover Program was created by the Yavapai College SBDC to support businesses in Yavapai County, specifically those impacted by the global pandemic, to provide support and access to resources in this time of economic recovery.


Body Bliss
497 South Airpark Road #3
Cottonwood, Arizona