Leaving for the Summer? Home Tips & Suggestions before you go…


May 7,2021

As the warmer summer temperatures rise many Sedona residents will be departing for cooler places.  As Sedona’s only nationally accredited home watch professional, I’m glad to provide the following tips and suggestions regarding closing up the home before you leave town.  

I would be remiss if I didn’t strongly encourage you to have Home Watch Sedona provide regular checks on your unoccupied home while you’re away.  My service provides real peace of mind for seasonal homeowners – contact me anytime for more information or a complimentary consultation at your home.

  •  – Don’t announce your departure on social mediawasher-far
  •  – Have mail forwarded or stopped, end newspaper delivery
  •  – Double check all window and door locks, remove the hide-a-key, set alarm upon departure
  •  – Turn off your water at the main valve but be sure to not shut off water to your landscaping
  •  – Check your irrigation drip system and set appropriately for high summer temps
  •  – Set your water heater regulator to vacation mode (VAC) or to the lowest setting
  •  – Set your thermostat to 78-82 degrees
  •  – Unplug small appliances, make sure electronics that remain plugged in have a surge protector
  •  – Remove food items that may spoil and seal up dry food items 
  •  – Make sure all trash containers are emptied including the street side bin
  •  – Run dishwasher and clean out disposal – ice cubes and lemon juice followed by baking soda and vinegar
  •  – Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and install fresh batteries
  •  – Install several smart bulbs that are wi-fi enabled or set up several lights on timers
  •  – Pay all utility bills so your electricity, gas or water isn’t shut off while you’re away
  •  – Contact Garry at Home Watch Sedona to schedule regular checks!


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