Leadership Through Horsemanship by Cowboy Boot Camp



How did the Sedona Chamber of Commerce help Cowboy Jim Moore’s business? The Sedona Chamber is supporting local business through great connections with other partners and community members.

Cowboy Boot Camp ® Horsemanship welcomed staff from two of Sedona’s popular resorts to tour their facilities, greet the horses and discuss how horsemanship programs could be routinely offered to their guests.

Hosted by the company’s owner, Jim Moore demonstrated how his unique “Leadership Through Horsemanship” program could be a benefit to the resorts’ group corporate and business retreat offerings or how individual guests or couples could participate in regular horsemanship lessons.

Courtyard by Marriott Sedona Concierge Hylah McGrane and Director of Sales Carla Gregory enjoyed spending time with the horses. Obviously, “Doc” enjoyed the affection as well.

“Big Buddy” apparently wanting some of that affection too!


Visiting on a different day, but apparently the affection is contagious, Sedona Real‘s General Manager Stephanie Orbe and Director of Sales, Crystal Hoyle got a tour as well. Can’t tell who’s enjoying the lovin’ more, “Maximus” or Crystal.

About Cowboy Bootcamp: 

Too often, individuals have acquired horses only to find out ownership is much tougher than they realize, reliable advice is hard to get and many times instruction is confusing.  The frustration leads many to give up on their vision of having a partnership with their horse and their dream is shattered – usually to the detriment of the horse….and you!


We’ve developed a one-on-one or group program where we focus on the fundamentals that will help build confidence, develop better communication skills and enhance you riding potential.

We offer numerous clinics throughout Arizona and Southern California so Cowboy Boot Camp® members get to participate during the demonstrations.

Natural Horsemanship

NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP unfortunately, has become the “term du jour” of late.  Our efforts are aimed more toward enhancing a horse’s natural instincts, rather than dominating and suppressing them.

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