Keep Water in the River

fv-finalFriends of the Verde River Releases new Program to Keep Water in the River

October 14, 2021 – Many types of labels assist consumers to make smart and ethical buying decisions at the market, such as: organic, non GMO, water-smart, earth friendly, and fair trade. What if there was a label for businesses that are friendly to the local river? If this type of label existed, would it influence your purchasing power?

That’s the idea behind the “River Friendly Living”, a new certification launched this fall by Friends of the Verde River (Friends). River Friendly Living is urging you to get your homes, businesses, farms, development, and/or communities certified; thus showing the world that you have made serious efforts to protect the region’s water supply for future generations.

An amazing diversity of wildlife can be found in the Verde River Watershed; 270 species of birds, 94 species of mammals, and 76 species of native amphibians and reptiles use the river’s watershed at some point in their life cycles. The riparian habitat, the lush strip of plant life dependent on reliable water nearby the rivers, wetlands, creeks, etc., also provides travel corridors for wildlife and is home to several federal and state-listed threatened and endangered species. Additionally, the watershed’s diverse, native riparian plant life provides invaluable ecosystem services and places of stunning beauty for more than 14 local communities and millions of visitors annually.

Unfortunately, like many rivers in the southwest, it is critically threatened by unrestricted groundwater pumping, surface water diversions, climate change, and degraded habitats. River Friendly Living was developed to fight these threats using the following principles:

1. Sustainable Water Supply
2. Clean Water
3. Healthy Habitat
4. Connected and Supportive Community

Learn more and get started on your certification at

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