Blazin’ M Ranch is now a Certified Sustainable Business at the Conservationist/Bronze level

bmr-wagonBlazin’ M Ranch lets you two-step back in time to the Wild West with its knee-slappin’ shows and chuckwagon BBQ. But behind the scenes, owner Lori Mabery and operations manager Will Davis make sure the operation is modern. Their high-efficiency HVAC is only three years old and they use green cleaning products like Ecolab and Seventh Generation. They’re converting lights to LED, and staying Dark Sky compliant as an important part of the ambiance.

lori-maberyIn other ways, Blazin’ M’s practices harken back to the past. Their set menu is served chuckwagon (buffet) style which reduces food waste, and the durable metal dishware is washed in a three-sink process that can save water and cut down on chemicals. Ninety percent of the in-season produce comes from an onsite organic garden, and drinking water is drawn from their well.bmr-show

According to Davis, “A large majority of our customers visit from outside Arizona, and many come from other countries.” Often these customers arrive on tour buses, which minimizes individual driving.

Core team members have known each other a long time so it’s easy to bring up and resolve any issues. In addition to the full-time staff, half of temporary workers are students who stick around as long as they can before graduation. Davis is careful to hire friendly team players who can help create the right atmosphere for customers. He enjoys his role teaching down-home values to the next generation and likes to say, “I’m your big brother until I need to be your dad.”

Blazin’ M is generous to the community. They host regional Chamber mixers and often let charities use the site for free. They also provide comp show tickets for many occasions. Boy Scouts are allowed to pick mistletoe for free and birdwatchers are invited onto the property when it’s not open for business. Blazin’ M is a member of both Cottonwood and Sedona Chambers, and also belongs to Local First AZ. They have many marketing partnerships with business in the region, including certified sustainable B&B A Sunset Chateau. See who else is certified.

Darcy Hitchcock, Sustainability Alliance, 928-554-5171