Why Should you Join the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau?



March 29, 2024



Joining the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau (SCC&TB) offers businesses a multitude of benefits that can significantly impact their growth, profitability and sustainability.

The networking opportunities, advocacy and representation that are offered, in addition to the business promotions, access to resources and community engagement can prove to be a transformative experience for companies of all sizes.

When a business becomes an active member of a Chamber of Commerce, it positions itself at the forefront of its local business community while gaining a competitive edge and unlocking endless possibilities for success.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there are several reasons why businesses should join a chamber:

1:  Making business connections

By joining the SCC&TB, you will have a network of potential partnerships. These new connections can become a sounding board for new ideas or to help solve problems that you may endeavor. Small businesses with chamber memberships don’t just serve customers; they also serve each other.

2:  It increases your credibility.

Being a part of the SCC&TB gives your business a positive perception to both consumers and the community. You will gain brand recognition through social media channels on sedonachamber.com or visitsedona.com, participate in digital marketing offerings, create blogs, and market your business in our newsletters — keeping your business in the forefront and distinguishing yourself in the competitive arena.

3:  It expands your network

As the SCC&TB continues to grow, so will your network. By attending our monthly mixers, Chamber 101 meetings and other events, you will get to know community members, fellow business owners and other like-minded professionals and business leaders.

Attending networking events, seminars and workshops organized by the Chamber provides a platform for exchanging ideas, exploring partnerships and enhancing relationships. Through regular interaction, businesses gain access to a vast network of resources, referrals and support, while fostering long-term growth and sustainability.

Also, by participating in community-oriented projects, businesses build goodwill and strengthen their reputation. The partnerships forged can also prove to be invaluable during unforeseen circumstances or crises in challenging times.

4:  It provides key business resources and sponsorship opportunities

The Chamber becomes a key marketing resource for your company through avenues such as newsletters, websites, social media, digital marketing, referrals, advertising, print articles, television presence and marketing opportunities. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what is happening in our community and throughout the state, giving you a competitive edge while enhancing your business, and giving you the visibility you need.

5: Chambers of Commerce are treasure troves of knowledge, expertise and resources.

The SCC&TB offers valuable tools and resources, such as informative newsletters, market research, industry reports and training programs. These resources empower businesses with the latest information, trends and best practices, enabling them to make informed decisions, improve operations and stay ahead of the curve in their respective industries.

6:  It supports your professional development.

It would behoove you to take advantage of our training programs such as Chamber 101 and other professional development webinars such as bootcamps from the Arizona Commerce Authority or the Small Business Development Center. There are a multitude of opportunities for education and development to help you and your business prosper.

7: Advocate for your business’s needs.

The SCC&TB keeps its finger on the pulse of what is happening at the Arizona Legislature through connections with the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association (AzLTA) and other influential organizations.

We can influence public policy by speaking about the needs of our members. By joining our chamber, we can help to make sure your voice is heard, and your business is represented in conversations about relevant policies advocating for state-wide and local business initiatives.

Together we create a powerful collective voice.

We welcome you to join the SCC&TB. Please set an appointment with our Director of Partner Services Donna Retegan at dretegan@sedonachamber.com. I look forward to working with you!

Michelle Conway Kostecki, President/CEO

Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau