The Verde Valley Community BioBlitz

April 4, 2021

verde-valley-community-bioblitzFriends of the Verde River is pleased to announce that the very first Verde Valley Community BioBlitz will be held from April 22-May 7 throughout the Verde Valley and along the Verde River.

Amidst the complications of COVID-19, Friends of the Verde River is committed to providing opportunities for community members of all ages to learn and engage about the Verde River and the many species that live within and around the watershed.

Friends is inviting community members, teachers and other organizations to participate in this 2-week event. BioBlitz participants are invited to go out along the river or anywhere in the Verde River system; Oak Creek, West Clear Creek, etc. and use the iNaturalist app to take photos of plants, animals, birds, and insects to gather species data for the Verde River. The observations
collected will help Friends of the Verde River’s efforts in documenting native and invasive plants along the river. You do not need to be a biologist to participate – the BioBlitz is easily accessible for
everyone and is a great way to learn about the species within our community.

Registration is completely FREE and includes instructions to the iNaturalist App, a map of suggested locations and more information about Friends of the Verde River.

For more information and to register, please visit:

The Verde Valley Community BioBlitz is a community driven 2-week event made possible by the hard work of many committed partners and sponsors. The event is hosted by Friends of the Verde
River, with generous support from the City of Cottonwood and our partners; the Science Vortex, STREAM Council, R.A.I.N and Camp Verde Library.