The Sedona Chamber welcomes three new Board members



July 31, 2020

Board of DirectorsThe Sedona Chamber welcomes three new Board members this month while asking present leaders to stay engaged, echoing Abraham Lincoln’s famous adage that it is not wise “to changes horses in midstream.” Continuity in crisis is a priority.

Lonnie Lillie of the Ambiente Landscape Hotel stays on as Chair at the Board’s request.  Lonnie has been a voice for action and unity this year. He championed the Chamber/City of Sedona safety initiative known as Sedona | Safe.Clean.Ready. He helped the Fly Friendly negotiations with helicopter tour operators move forward despite the pandemic’s disruption. He backed the Chamber’s engagement in state economic recovery planning, ensuring Sedona’s influence with Arizona decision-makers. A Sedona hotelier for two decades, Lonnie was the 2015 Arizona Hotelier of the Year.

We are grateful that Board members with expiring terms will remain engaged. The ongoing service of Linda Goldenstein of Goldenstein Gallery, Mike Hermen of Pink Jeep Tours and Jeremy Hayman of the Sedona Golf Resort will be invaluable.

Our three newest Board members add immense Sedona knowledge and business experience. Wendy Lippman is the General Manager and Resident Partner for Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Center and Tlaquepaque North, premiere Arizona shopping and cultural destinations. Wendy’s community connections go back to 1998.  She has served as President of the Verde Valley Sanctuary, as a Board member of Goodwill of Northern Arizona, and Treasurer and Co-President for the Sedona Gallery Association. She also has a previous stint as a Chamber Board member.

“I represent over 55 business owners, and Board service is an excellent opportunity to affect change and support causes the community is passionate about,” Wendy said. “Keeping continuity with the previous Board members is a strategic move that maintains the knowledge and expertise we need to navigate uncharted times.”

Mike Wise is a residential/commercial realtor with Arizona Prime Real Estate and co-owner of the Sycamore Group, a Sedona-based property management firm. He served on the Advisory Committee that produced the 2020 City of Sedona Economic Diversification Plan and brings a regional perspective to the Board from his position on the Cottonwood Economic Development Council.

“I am passionate about economic development in Sedona and the Verde Valley. Our enviable lifestyle is an opportunity to attract younger workers who can work from home,” a vital sustainability concept, Mike said.

“I am delighted to see Lonnie Lillie continue as Chair,” he added. “During these uncertain times, where every day brings new challenges, his seasoned leadership is especially appreciated.”

John Davis and his family have operated Sedona business ventures since 1992, presently operating Uptown’s Manzanita Market and Cheers, serving residents and visitors from around the world.

“I have owned businesses through roadway construction, a recession, changes in the tourism industry, and the COVID-19 pandemic,” John said. “I understand the value of marketing our businesses and the Chamber’s help in supporting the local economy.”

Board members will play a critical role in taking on the challenges Sedona faces in the next year, from the safety of our residents and visitors to the sustainable revival of our economy. New perspectives balanced by seasoned leadership is the right recipe for moving forward.

We thank our present members for their continued commitment and welcome John, Mike, and Wendy!

–Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO