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straw-free-headerThose who live among mountains, rivers, and inland communities have a direct relationship with the ocean. Every second breath we take comes from the ocean, which is why we have a duty to protect it. Moved by the rampant plastic pollution, The Azulita Project was born from the desire to create a healthier and more environmentally sustainable world. In its initial form, the Azulita Project was a volunteer “communitarian” effort which included organic farming education programs, a recycling project, a youth soccer league, dance instruction, English classes and a community space for teaching and gathering at a sister site in Guerrero, Mexico. In 2016, the Azuita Project 501c3 was formed to bring awareness to marine plastic pollution in Flagstaff, Arizona and influence plastic reduction. Simultaneously, Azulita focuses on environmental education in local schools and building awareness of single-use plastics at events throughout the community.

Massive amounts of plastic continue to pollute rivers, landfills, and oceans across the world due to the habits of using single-use plastic that we hold so highly in our daily routines. Personal uses of plastic bags, water bottles, and straws may seem like insignificant contributions to overall environmental problems, but these habits indicate that we need to alter the way we live. It is imperative to understand that there isn’t one answer to plastic pollution, but rather many. We believe in exploring a solution with the start of a conversation.

Americans use more than 500 million straws daily, which is why we have taken the initiative to reduce our community’s contribution. Alongside Northern Arizona University and The Flagstaff Sustainability Program, The Azulita Project is currently leading the #StrawFreeFlag campaign in Flagstaff, AZ to reduce the prevalence of disposable straws and other single-use plastics in the service industry. Congruent with Straw Free Sedona’s vision, we believe choosing not to serve single-use plastic straws is a simple way to make an impact. Here in Northern Arizona, we are committed to doing our part to sustain the planet.

The global reality we are facing is a plastic consumption and pollution crisis. Now is the time for us to rethink, reuse and reduce.

The Azulita Project Team (email)

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