Symbiosis: Local Business and Sustainable Trails

untitled-design-70Most people are shocked to learn that outdoor enjoyment of our landscape, made accessible via an incredible trail network, is primarily funded by a local non-profit organization. In fact, in the past few years 65-70% of the annual expense of maintaining the trails in the Sedona area came from the Red Rock Trail Fund, with a mere 13% funding from federal allocations.


Of $638,000 raised by the Trail Fund last fiscal year – roughly 30% came from our Sedona area businesses. These contributors include businesses of all sizes, from corporate-owned hoteliers to small entrepreneurial business owners. Take a look at our 2023 Donor Wall (just posted on Feb 1), you’ll see a surprising variety of 59 businesses who are each playing an important role to ensure the sustainability of our trail system as a healthy recreation experience for residents and a top-rated destination for visitors.


In fiscal year 2023 (Oct-Sept), the Trail Fund’s fundraising goal is $561,200 with the intention to accomplish the following:


completion of Cathedral Trail Phase IV (in process, $69K funding gap)
the comprehensive trail assessment; a trail census (in process)
the archeology survey for seven new trails/trail systems (in process and funded)
a maintenance fund that supports the Trail Crew (boots on the ground)
miscellaneous as new District needs are identified.


You can learn about these projects on the website homepage.

The Red Rock Trail Fund business participation programs include ways for engaging customers/guests to “give back to the trails” without costing the business a cash outlay, and others that involve modest outlay. Some businesses have designed their own ideas for generating donations at their place of business. In the instance of our mainstay Trail Keeper program, which is in collaboration with the City of Sedona and Sedona Chamber of Commerce, participating businesses receive valuable advertising on highly visible kiosk signs at the trailheads. If you own a business and would like to contribute, or to discuss the programs, email:

What can you do? Please take a look at the list of business supporters, and do what you can to support them. Direct your friends and family to these establishments and buy local yourself (Amazon isn’t on the list yet).




Thank You, business supporters! Your generosity is key to making great trails possible!