Snap Fitness VOC is now a Certified Sustainable Business at Innovator/Silver level

david-duncanWhen Snap Fitness in the Village of Oak Creek planned their move to The Collective, club manager David Duncan and owners Steele Sacks and Craig Eagle wanted to match the Innovator/Silver level sustainability practices at their sister gym in West Sedona.

They continue to buy 100 percent of their electricity through the APS Green Choice program and also updated the air conditioning system. They installed a new Energy Star certified water heater and LED lighting. The thermostat is closely regulated, and on hot days they use fans to reduce the need for more air conditioning.

A public gym like Snap is inherently about sharing and preserving resources. Equipment benches get refurbished as needed and some of their old equipment was donated to Verde Valley School during the move. Many members walk or bike to the club to minimize transportation impacts (and increase exercise!). The club doesn’t offer single-use water bottles and instead provides onsite water stations. They have refillable shampoo dispensers in the showers and ask members bring their own towels.

snap-fitness-logoSnap VOC management is also concerned about noise pollution which can increase stress. They have rubber pads under the equipment to reduce sound transferred to the commercial areas below. Customers use listening devices for the TV to lower the ambient noise level in the gym.

Snap Fitness VOC is generous to the community. They offer 30 memberships to the Red Mountain drug rehab facility and invite students from Verde Valley School (also Certified Sustainable) to work out four days a week in the late afternoon. They recently hosted the Zumbathon fundraiser for Susan G Komen Foundation and a mixer for the Sedona Chamber. See who else is certified.

Darcy Hitchcock, Sustainability Alliance, 928-554-5171