Sedona Historical Society Seeks Volunteers for Historic Cemetery Projects

January 18, 2021

cook-2005-6-13eThe Sedona Historical Society is looking for volunteers to perform a variety of functions at their two historic cemeteries. Needs include volunteers to do mowing, weeding and other gardening tasks; also to act as liaison with families and vendors; and/or to participate on the coordinating committees to guide decisions and plans for improvements and maintenance.

If someone is interested in working on any of these activities, they are asked to call 928-282-7038 and ask for Janeen, the Society President.

The Society owns the Sedona area’s two oldest cemeteries. The Schuerman Red Rock Cemetery on the Upper Red Rock Loop Road dates from 1893 when the pioneering Schuerman family buried their toddle daughter, Clara, after she succumbed to Cholera.  The other is the Cook Cedar Glade Cemetery, which saw its first interment in 1918 with a victim from the Spanish Flu epidemic. This cemetery also serves as the final resting place of our town’s namesake, Sedona Schnebly, and her husband T. Carl and their little daughter Pearl.

The Sedona Historical Society’s mission is to “research, preserve and teach the history of the greater Sedona area”, and it operates the Sedona Heritage Museum at 735 Jordan Road in Uptown Sedona.  For more information about the Society and their work, call 928-282-7038 or visit