Free Soul Mind/Body Education

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Scientific Vortex Information by MIT Honors Graduate, Pete Sanders. 90 min. talks EVERY Mon. & Thurs. 49 min. Film Noon EVERY Fri., Sat., & Sun. Print, Audible or Ebook, DVD, & Vortex Tours. Details at or to order Book, DVD or Discount Combo. Tours as extension of Programs or Book/DVD.

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Free Soul Mind/Body Education

Scientific Vortex Information

Treat your attendees to an M.I.T.-Trained Scientist's practical and life-changing explanation of Sedona's Vortex Meditation Sites. (Plus directions to which ones to visit for their personal needs) Also included: Stress Reduction & Blood Pressure Lowering Techniques taught by Mr. Sanders at MIT and inside the Pentagon. 90 min. program is $25/person. Group discounts for over 20 ($20 each), over 50 ($15 each), and over 100 people ($10 each). Contact Mr.Sanders and his staff at

Expiration: 08-31-2019

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