Linda Goldenstein supports Chamber of Commerce


June 7, 2019


fisher-boy-by-lodge-pondOn May 28, gallery owner, volunteer, Chamber board member and long-time Sedonan Linda Goldenstein addressed the City Council during Chamber budget discussions.  Her eloquence about her life and commitment to Sedona are worth sharing!

Good evening. It is good to see each of you. Thank you for your time, service and dedication.

I appreciate that you are thoughtful about the Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau budget. It is important. Things are changing, and not only in Sedona. Traffic is increasing everywhere. Tourism is growing on a global scale.

I love Sedona with all of my heart, and I have broad experience with virtually every issue we face.

My family lives here. Five of my grandchildren have attended West Sedona School, and two are at Red Rock High School.  I understand the challenges our schools face.

I have lived in Uptown since 2001 and the Sedona in Motion Project will affect me.  I live next to two Airbnb rentals.

I am a business owner and have worked at my retail art gallery since 2001.

We work with over 30 local artists. I’ve produced over 200 First Fridays and numerous other events.

I have two female employees who have trouble finding housing.

I was in Uptown for ten years, in West Sedona for four years, and we are in our third year at the “Y” on Highway 179.

My business survived the Great Recession and the Highway 179 and Uptown Enhancement construction.  I know firsthand that marketing is essential during construction and recession.

I’ve worked with many nonprofits, including the Chamber, because I believe everyone should have a good quality of life.

I joined the Chamber because of their proven goodwill for the community and to become a better business operator. I’ve served on the Chamber board for 14 years and have learned a lot! I learned more about City operations and the essential role of tourism in Sedona’s economy.  I learned our Chamber is a model for Destination Management Organizations across America. We are practical, visionary, efficient, and we care. Why do we care? Because we live here, too.

The Chamber does so much more than market Sedona. But when it comes to marketing, our goal is not more tourists but better tourists; people who will stay longer, share our sustainable values and spend more, sending those essential dollars rippling through our economy.

Our small city has big issues.  The City Council and staff have worked well with the Chamber and its volunteers find balance while raising our quality of life and the quality of our economy.

Together, we have united environmental, community, visitor and economic advocates to create the Sedona Sustainable Tourism Plan – the first of its kind in the state!  We have established a vision for destinations everywhere to follow.

Reinvesting in tourism is essential to making the Plan work.  Funding the Visitor Center is critical to making the Plan successful.   I am asking you to fully approve the budget and carry the Sedona vision forward.

Thank you.
Linda Goldenstein
Goldenstein Gallery