Establishing an Innovative Culture



March 8, 2024




The Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau (SCC&TB) is consistently looking for new ways to be of the utmost value to our businesses in Sedona and throughout the Verde Valley.

Just recently we began working with Frank Kenny, a successful entrepreneur, who consults with hundreds of chambers of commerce throughout the country. He was here in Sedona meeting with our staff, board of directors, community stakeholders and chamber members.

Our work with Frank Kenny marks the initial stage of expanding our own business model. While the planning is still in its infancy, I can share that we are considering several opportunities in areas such as advocacy, membership growth and enlarging our role as a marketing and communications powerhouse for local businesses, just to name a few. More will be revealed as the three-year strategic plan is unveiled in the coming months.

For nearly 15 years, Frank has trained chamber staff, boards and members, implemented strategic planning, held board retreats and orientations and consulted on industry best practices, social media and digital marketing, technology and most other areas of chamber business.

As a former board chair and chamber President/CEO, Frank was appointed to the Association of Washington Business (AWB) executive committee and the board of the Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives (WCCE).

Frank’s expertise in consulting chambers of commerce is extensive.

“In facilitating the strategic planning process for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with community stakeholders and working closely with the Chamber’s dedicated staff and board members,” Frank Kenny said. “It’s wonderful to see the remarkable dedication of these leaders, all united in their commitment to ensuring success for the community.”

Frank discusses ways in which organizations can create a culture of innovation and how this culture helps better serve its members. It’s an interesting exercise to develop new ideas, experiment with new ways of doing business and deliver continuous improvement, helping us to stay ahead of the curve.

Creating a culture of innovation is not something that will happen overnight. While we innovate, we also continue to work hard every day to implement new programs and collaborations that immediately increase the value of chamber membership. Programs like the voluntary Business Improvement District (BID), which is already garnering a considerable amount of revenue for those participating businesses.

As the voice of business, it is imperative that we, at the SCC&TB, keep our partners informed about the many challenges that are occurring in Sedona and throughout the state. That is why we also partner with the Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association (AzLTA), which keeps tabs on what is happening at the legislative level. “Each day, we collaborate with elected representatives across all levels of governance to champion policies that safeguard, promote and advance our businesses,” states Kim Sabow, President/CEO of AzLTA.

Additionally, relationship-building with our members is essential. Together, through these partnerships, we develop a greater understanding of the successes and failures business owners endure, which in turn, helps us to create programs that will help businesses flourish and effectively shape their future.

The SCC&TB is strategically planning ways in which we will advocate for our business community and the issues they face.

I am excited about the many opportunities ahead and look forward to sharing more of these developments with you.

Michelle Conway Kostecki, President/CEO

Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau