COVID-19 Update



March 13, 2020

Beautiful Sunset Scenery of Sedona, ArizonaThe COVID 19 virus has evolved to pandemic status, with the cancellation of the Yoga Festival and the temporary ban on most travel from Europe demonstrating its potential to directly impact Sedona.

The Chamber of Commerce is looking closely at the President’s statement on Wednesday regarding possible assistance to businesses and workers affected by the virus and how those programs might benefit Sedona. We continue to monitor the latest health news while advising local businesses on best health practices. We are also monitoring the impact of the virus on the travel and tourism industries through regular contacts with the US Travel Association, which is in touch with the highest levels of government policy makers managing the pandemic response.

We are in the process of developing additional resources to help businesses adapt their to rapidly evolving conditions.

In the last two weeks, the Chamber has shared informational resources with our business partners and advised on safety precautions. Those precautions, such as regular handwashing and disinfecting of surfaces, are in place at the Sedona Visitor Center and the Chamber offices. You can review these tips below and find them online at

As the situation evolves, we encourage all businesses to consider the following safety precautions:

> Increase the frequency of cleaning throughout your business using approved disinfectants.
> Increase or add hand sanitizer dispensers, and frequently monitor them to ensure they are refilled and operating correctly.
> For employees who travel, consider policies that observe the CDC’s recommendations.
> Encourage all employees to regularly wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water.

As you interact with others throughout the day, everyone can practice these measures to minimize the risks of illness:

> Wash hands often with antibacterial soap and warm water for 20 seconds.
> Limit touching your face.
> Cover your mouth when coughing.
> Stay home or in your hotel room if you are sick to prevent spread of illness to others.

The Chamber’s Travel Advisory page has helpful links, including a downloadable Healthy Travel Practices flyer.

We encourage you to review the latest from the CDC and get Arizona updates. You will find current summaries, prevention tips, advice for businesses and schools as well as tips for those who are planning to travel.

Northern Arizona Healthcare is coordinating a regional response with the county-level health officials. NAH is implementing CDC recommendations for screening, isolation, transportation safety, and diagnostic testing. Among other additional measures, NAH has created a negative pressure room at Sedona Medical Center to be able to monitor a patient at risk if necessary.

Dealing with COVID 19 requires diligence and both individual and community effort.  The Chamber will monitor and share information on how COVID 19 affects our economy, travel and tourism while encouraging best health practices to keep Sedona safe and healthy for all.

                                                                        –Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO