Celebrating New Business Openings



October 27, 2023


photo-oct-19-2023-1-13-14-pmNew businesses are opening just about every month in Sedona. It’s wonderful to see the excitement that these entrepreneurs and business leaders exude when their dream business comes alive.

As Sedona’s Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau [SCC&TB], we are proud of our 765+ members who have joined our roster of successful businesses.

As a part of membership, the SCC&TB celebrates the milestone of a new business opening by creating a ribbon-cutting ceremony in their honor. It commemorates their “new beginning” and announces their connection to the business community at large.

Ribbon cuttings date back to the late 1800s and were first recorded at the opening of a Louisiana railroad line. Since then, they have been used to inaugurate the opening of a brand-new or recently renovated business. These ribbon cuttings give business owners and leaders the opportunity to talk about their “labor of love” and publicly thank those who had an important role in their accomplishments.

The SCC&TB provides a memorable experience to our members by promoting the event through our highly successful social media channels, local and business e-newsletters and business spotlights as well as alerting our volunteers and concierge network at the Visitor Center. Word travels fast when a new business opens. Community members always want to see what’s new in Sedona and are encouraged to support our local businesses.

During the actual ceremony, the team at the SCC&TB is in attendance along with Sedona’s city officials, our Mayor, Scott Jablow, the board of directors, volunteers and members of the community, as well as family and friends who come to support the new opening. These ribbon-cutting ceremonies are powerful marketing tools to generate positive press and public relations for the business.

Just last week, we celebrated the Sedona Food Bank’s new location. After 50 years of serving those in need from the Sedona Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sunset Drive, the Sedona Community Food Bank is now enjoying its new home on Inspirational Drive. Over 65 people were in attendance to mark this new beginning for such an important organization in our community. It was an honor and a privilege to congratulate Cathleen Healy-Baiza, the executive director, their board of directors and volunteers for the work they do for Sedona. Attendees were able to tour the new facility as well as learn more about this wonderful non-profit.

Tourism is a $1 billion industry here in Sedona. It is important to note that visitors generate 77% of the city’s sales and bed tax revenues, spending disposable income on lodging, dining, tours, shopping and other amenities that continue to make our city thrive. It is encouraging to know that many of our local businesses have an immense opportunity for success by tapping into tourism as our #1 economic driver.

At the Sedona Chamber, we are your partner and business advocate. It is imperative that we provide educational workshops, mentoring programs, marketing opportunities, networking events, referrals and other amenities to assist in your business success. If you win, we win!

We also encourage you to attend our ribbon-cutting ceremonies and join in the celebration of new businesses here in Sedona. Sign up for our newsletters by going to SedonaChamber.com to stay informed.

If you are not already a member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau, I would like to invite you to join us and become part of our growing business community. For information or questions about becoming a member, contact Donna Retegan, our Director of Partner Services at dretegan@sedonachamber.com.

Michelle Conway, President/CEO
Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau