Board Committees Show Priorities, Offer Member Engagement Opportunities



August 6, 2021

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.August is an exciting time. Our newest Board members are sworn in, a catalytic executive leadership team is in place, and our FY22 budget is approved. We can now focus on the work at hand.

The new fiscal year’s work plan, my first as president & CEO, takes us in some new directions.

+ You will see us leading the conversation around solving quality of life issues such as unregulated short term rentals, visitor management on our public lands, and staffing shortages caused in part by the lack of affordable workforce
+ Our role as a destination management organization begins with mitigating trailhead impacts by contracting trash removal at Dry Creek and toilet facilities at Soldier’s Pass trailheads
+ We will be sharing Sedona values with our visitors with tips on recreating responsibly
+ We will support the launch of a public transit trailhead shuttle service, and embarking upon a master forest plan with the USFS Red Rock Ranger District.

For our member businesses, the new year brings opportunity. The most frequently cited reason our partners say they join the chamber is to connect with others, network, and make a difference. For our more than 730 hard-working, dedicated business-owners the time to get involved is now.

Board Forms Committees, Invites Engagement

Our new Board, led by Chairman Al Comello, recently formed committees that reflect organizational priorities and set the stage for action. Each committee is recruiting non-board members, and as a chamber partner in good standing you are eligible to join.

Executive / Nomination Committee  Board directors can serve two consecutive three-year terms, with elections occurring annually to fill five of the fifteen seats. Committee participation is a first step to understanding how the organization operates, and a stepping stone to future Board service. The Executive / Nominating Committee is elected by the newly seated board at the beginning of each fiscal year. As executive leadership, it requires a demonstration of service, commitment, and understanding to hold a seat.

Finance / Audit Committee  This committee oversees the budget process, financial reporting and the annual audit.

Community Relations  This committee aims to share the chamber’s mission and value proposition with the public to forge a better understanding of our role and the power of tourism as a force for good. A willingness to cite facts about the chamber’s contribution to the greater Sedona community will be its focus.

Government Affairs

This committee will advocate and educate all levels of government on critical issues impacting a positive business climate such as short-term rentals, affordable workforce housing, transportation and transit, taxation, public lands management, economic policy and much more. Policy has a big impact on people and place and our ability to manage ourselves – or as we are experiencing now the inability to do so. It is vital to lend our voice to the policy conversation.

Sustainable Tourism Committee   Did you know more than 60 initiatives are underway because of the Sustainable Tourism Plan (STP) adopted in March 2019? This committee will focus destination stewardship initiatives by way of consumer education, environmental sustainability, and resident quality of life.

Women Leadership Committee This exciting new group will be a catalyst for energetic, talented women in our business community who are making a difference in greater Sedona. Networking, mentoring, and providing resources that benefit a new generation of women leaders is a positive for the chamber and greater Sedona.

Seize the Chance to Get Involved

On behalf of the Board and staff, I encourage all chamber members to get involved. Feel free to reach out to anyone on the board to learn more.  You will find their contact information at I too am happy to connect.

I hope to see you at future meetings, doing your part to improve your chamber as we work to make greater Sedona the best place to live, work, play, visit, and do business.

-Candace Carr Strauss,