Arizona Hispanic Chamber opens new avenues for Sedona businesses



May 5, 2023


89agave-mixerLife as a small business owner can be compared to riding a roller coaster with no safety brakes. When the unexpected occurs such as a slowing economy or changes in travel and tourism trends, our partners must be ready for anything. We work to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world and alert our businesses to make necessary preparations.

After all, it is the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau’s goal to provide excellent service to the 750 members who keep Sedona thriving.

On May 16, we will welcome a special guest,  Eric McIntosh, Senior Director of Business Growth from the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, who will introduce new ways of navigating the twists and turns of business ownership. Eric will inform our Strategies for Success attendees on how to define a mission and a mindset that responds to disruption with versatility and agility.

Eric believes every Black Swan event is an opportunity to make things better. For example, the pandemic pushed the trend toward business digitization into hyperdrive. Today, digital advance orders and payments are available in virtually every mode of commerce. Likewise, pandemic-inspired Zoom meetings and the work-from-home movement were essential to staving off national economic collapse and appear to be here to stay. He suggests being “ready for resilience” by forming partnerships in strategic areas like marketing. In fact, the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is ready to take the first step. Eric will extend complimentary membership of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber to Sedona businesses. “In our Navigator Program, we ask, ‘What can we do to promote Sedona and Northern Arizona small businesses in the Phoenix market?’” he said. “We want to create a pipeline and a support system so Sedona businesses can leverage our Chamber as well as your own,” he adds. ”If you can expand marketing statewide by partnering with organizations like ours, Arizona’s economy wins.”

The Phoenix-based Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1948 as a statewide advocate for Hispanic businesses and more than 2 million Arizona Hispanic consumers. They want to promote the prosperity of the state and nation by providing a conduit to the growing Hispanic community in Arizona and assisting Sedona businesses in connecting with an increasingly diverse and global marketplace.

Complimentary membership will allow Sedona businesses to post on the Hispanic Chamber’s activities calendar and attend events, including an annual business summit, networking opportunities, workshops and a golf tournament.

Bringing Eric to town with this incredible offer and sharing his expertise on resiliency during challenging times is one example of how we leverage our statewide network to bolster Sedona’s economy. New connections with essential organizations in Phoenix – our largest market – can open possibilities for Sedona Chamber partners, from tour companies to wellness retreats to restaurant and gift stores, to name a few.

As a service of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau, the Strategies for Success event is open to everyone in the Sedona business community – not only Chamber partners. We know you will benefit from this opportunity to broaden your business horizons and explore new possibilities.

The Sedona Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to help businesses grow. If you are not currently a member, perhaps you will consider joining us. You can find out more by contacting our Director of Partner Services Erin Bruce at



Michelle Conway, President/CEO
Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau